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Designer: Jeremy Adams
Tuesday, January 06, 2004


75k (w/ demo, help*)

VB6 SP0/1/21

VB6 runtime with Comctl32 version 4.71+


CCRP Animation, VB6
CCRP Animation, VB5
CCRP HotKey, VB6
CCRP HotKey, VB5
CCRP IP Address, VB6
CCRP IP Address, VB5
CCRP Pager, VB6
CCRP Pager, VB5
CCRP Progress Bar, VB6
CCRP Progress Bar, VB5
CCRP UpDown, VB5
CCRP UpDown, VB5

VB4 v1.04.022
Feb 8, 2000

VB6 v1.03.021
Jan 28, 2000

VB6 v1.01.0019
July 3, 1999

VB6 Public Beta 1
February 3, 1999

The VB6 CCRP Pager provides access to the Pager control in comctl32.dll v4.71 and above. It was created by Jeremy Adams, a member of the Common Controls Replacement Project, a group aiming to provide separate ActiveX controls to replace and extend the controls found in comctl32.ocx and create controls that encapsulate the other controls available in comctl32.dll.

The CCRP Pager control allows the scrolling of a contained (buddy) control. This is the control used by Internet Explorer 4 to scroll toolbars when they are too big to fit on the screen.

Vertical Scrolling

CCRP Pager Control - Vertical Scrolling 1 16293 bytes)

CCRP Pager Control - Vertical Scrolling 2 (14525 bytes)


Horizontal Scrolling

CCRP Pager Control - Horizontal Scrolling 1 (8502 bytes)

CCRP Pager Control - Horizontal Scrolling 2 (8416 bytes)


New in this release:

  • Fixed another problem reported by Michael Ehrt regarding the buddy being incorrectly resized.

Fixed in v1.03.21:

  • Fixed problem reported by Michael Ehrt involving the Refresh method and repainting of the control.
  • Fixed problem found by Ramon Guerrero whereby the control sometimes gets the wrong dimensions of the buddy control by adding a FetchSize event which can be used to override the default handling by the control in such cases. Note that in normal circumstances there is no need to handle this event but if the pager buttons appear when the buddy control is fully visible already, you may need to add code to this event.

Fixed in v1.01.0019:

  • The control now responds correctly to WM_SYSCOLORCHANGE.

Features (VB6 compile):

  • Buddy property to set a string containing the name (e.g. txtMessage or fraEvents(2)) of the control that will be displayed within the Pager control so that the user can scroll this control.
  • Orientation property to set whether the control scrolls horizontally or vertically.
  • AutoScroll property - when true, the control scrolls when the mouse is over one of the buttons rather than only when the buttons are clicked.
  • ButtonSize property to set how big the buttons are.
  • BorderWidth property to set the size of the border drawn by the Pager control around the contained control.
  • BackColor property to set the colour used for the border and buttons.
  • Pos property to return/set the current scroll position
  • OLEDragDropScroll property to allow the control to scroll when an object is dragged over the buttons of the control.
  • Scroll event whenever the control scrolls.

Known Issues

  • Grab handles do not appear correctly when the control is part of a control selection in the IDE. There is no known workaround for this behaviour but note that it is purely a graphical effect - the control is still part of the selection.
  • The control will not buddy correctly when placed on a UserControl. The workaround is to include explicit buddying code such as:

    Set ccrpPager.BuddyControl = PictureBox1

    in the initialisation code for your usercontrol.

Version-specific Features
This control requires version 4.71 or higher of comctl32.dll to function. You must ensure that users of any application that uses this control have this version or higher of comctl32.dll on their system.

Note: VB6-Compile Help
The methods and properties provided in the Visual Basic 6-compiled version of this control are identical to those found in the VB5 SP2/3 version. Therefore, in order for us to release this control sooner rather than later, the VB5 help is included in the zip with the VB6 control.

This help file has not been updated, so contains references to ccrpani.ocx-specific items, such as GUID and filenames. Although we normally assure a complete version-specific file is available for each new build, expediency was deemed of greater importance for this control. The help file will be updated at a later date.

VB Common Controls Replacement Project Pager Control
Copyright 1998-2004 Jeremy Adams, CCRP