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Designer: Jeremy Adams
Tuesday, January 06, 2004


69k (w/ demo, help)

VB5 SP2/3

VB5 SP2/3 runtime


CCRP Animation, VB6
CCRP Animation, VB5
CCRP HotKey, VB6
CCRP HotKey, VB5
CCRP IP Address, VB6
CCRP IP Address, VB5
CCRP Pager, VB6
CCRP Pager, VB5
CCRP Progress Bar, VB6
CCRP Progress Bar, VB5
CCRP UpDown, VB5
CCRP UpDown, VB5

VB5 version 1.01.0073
July 3, 1999

VB5 version 1.00.54
August 14, 1998

VB5 Beta
May 30, 1998

The CCRP HotKey control allows a user to press a combination of keys and have the control display the chosen key combination, converting it to a KeyCode and Shift combination. The developer can specify what key-combinations (for example ctrl, ctrl+alt, alt+shift etc.) will be allowed. The control is also available compiled for use with VB6.

CCRP Hotkey Demo (2265 bytes)

This control is not intended to be used as an application or system hook mechanism to intercept hotkeys pressed by the user during runtime of an application.

Instead, its purpose is to both provide visual feedback to the user for the hotkey combination pressed, and to provide to the developer, in the form of properties, the KeyCode values returned from the users interaction with the control. This would be useful where the developer wanted to provide the means for a user-defined hotkey assignment during execution of a program, or where the developer wanted to elicit a hotkey combination from the user for storage (via the registry) and subsequent reuse when the application was run again.

This is the same control used as the 'Shortcut Key' option in the properties dialog/shortcut tab of any file shortcut (.lnk file), providing visual-feedback of the user's hotkey selection. Once the key codes have been returned from the control, it is then developer's responsibility to store the selected hotkey combination, and react to it in the form's KeyPress event.

The CCRP HotKey Control zip file contains the HotKey control, help file and demo project. The demo illustrates most of the functionality of the control, and how to store and reuse the user's selection.

New in this release

  • Grab handles are now displayed correctly when the control is part of a multiple selection in the IDE.

Release Version 1.00.54

  • the Value16 and Value32 properties which can be used in conjunction with the WM_SETHOTKEY message and Desaware's SpyWorks respectively. For more information see the help for these properties.

Note: VB5 Service Pack 2/3 Development Issues
This control uses the apartment threading features found in SP2 and will not function without the VB5 SP2 runtime (Msvbvm50.dll v5.00.4319 or higher) installed.

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Copyright 1998-2004 Jeremy Adams, CCRP