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Designer: Jeremy Adams
Tuesday, January 06, 2004


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VB6 SP0/1/2/3

VB6 runtime


CCRP Animation, VB6
CCRP Animation, VB5
CCRP HotKey, VB6
CCRP HotKey, VB5
CCRP IP Address, VB6
CCRP IP Address, VB5
CCRP Pager, VB6
CCRP Pager, VB5
CCRP Progress Bar, VB6
CCRP Progress Bar, VB5
CCRP UpDown, VB5
CCRP UpDown, VB5

VB6 v.1.00.133
July 3, 1999


The CCRP IP Address Control provides access to the IP Address control in comctl32.dll v4.71 and higher.

CCRP IPAddress Control (2265 bytes)

The IP Address control allows a user to enter an IP Address in a user-friendly and familiar way. The control consists of four three-digit fields into which the user can enter the address. Focus automatically moves to the next field once its filled in, or you can use the arrows to move between fields. The Home and End keys take you to the start and end of the control and pressing the 'dot' key takes you onto the next field allowing you to enter an address as it appears.

At design-time, you can right click on the control below and select Edit. The control now behaves as it would at runtime and you can set the address in the control. Also, you can right click again to bring up another context menu. From this menu you can set the current address as the starting point for the control, clear the control fields or lock individual fields.

Features of the control include:

  • Font and ForeColor properties to set how the text in the control is displayed.
  • ContextMenu property available to set whether or not a context menu is displayed when the user right clicks on a field.
  • Blank property to return whether or not all the fields in the control are empty.
  • Clear method to clear the contents of the control.
  • Change property invoked as the user changes the value of a field.
  • FocusChange event when the focus moves between the fields in the control.
  • Each field in the control is represented by a Field object which is returned by the Fields method of the control. Using the Field object, you can set the value for each field, set the range of valid values for each field, lock a field so that the user cannot edit it, set the focus to a certain field or undo the last change made to that field.
  • GetCurrentIP retrieves the users present address and populates it into the control.
  • Control Text property can be used in code to retrieve or set an IP Address
  • The Ping method can ping the address entered, and can be used outside the control to ping an address passed as a parameter. Ping also supports an option timeout argument.

Version-specific Features
Certain features implemented in this control require a minimum version of comctl32.dll to function correctly. No error will occur if the version is previous to this but the control will degrade gracefully and not use that feature or there is alternative functionality built into the control that emulates the functionality in higher versions of comctl32.dll and this functionality is used as appropriate.

This control requires v.4.71 or higher of comctl32.dll. It will not function with an earlier version of comctl32.dll. We recommend that you distribute the comctl32.dll update available from Microsoft with your applications to ensure correct operation.

Note: VB6-Compile Help
The methods and properties provided in the Visual Basic 6-compiled version of this control are identical to those found in the VB5 SP2/3 version. Therefore, in order for us to release this control sooner rather than later, the VB5 help is included in the zip with the VB6 control.

This help file has not been totally updated, so contains references to the VB5 ocx-specific items, such as GUID and filenames. Although we normally assure a complete version-specific file is available for each new build, expediency was deemed of greater importance for this control. The help file will be updated at a later date.

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