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CCRP FolderTreeview
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Solution: Error Loading DLL

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Solution: " Error in Loading DLL"
Last reviewed May 17, 1998
The information in this article applies to:

  • CCRP FolderTreeview Control Beta 1 build 0.01.0061 running on all version of Windows.

On attempting to load a demo project file containing the CCRP FolderTreeview Control into VB, an "Error Loading DLL" message is generated.

On attempting to add the FolderTreeview to the toolbox of an existing project, an "Error Loading DLL" message is generated.


This problem appears to be isolated to loading the control in the VB5 IDE (any SP) on any Windows platform. Preliminary tests and user feedback indicate that the control runs correctly inside both IE3 and IE4 browsers.

We have isolated this problem and found the problem source to be to the control's dependency on the file "ISHF_Ex.tlb" - the "IShellFolder Extended Type Library v1.1". This file is included in the control's beta 1 release zip and is located in the zip's embedded Explorer folder.


The file 'ISHF_Ex.tlb' file must be correctly registered in order for VB to successfully create and register an OCA file, and to instantiate the control correctly in the IDE.

1. Move the file 'ISHF_Ex.tlb' to your Windows or Windows\System(32) folder.

2. Open a new VB project. Use the components dialog to navigate to the ccrpftv.ocx file. Assure the control is checked in the dialog, and close to add to the toolbar. This will recreate a valid ccrpftv.oca. You can now add the FolderTreeview control to the project, and it should run without incident. The supplied demo projects can now be used, and the FolderTreeview control can now be successfully added to other projects.

Additional Information

Users who did not receive the "Error loading dll" error most likely already had ISHF_Ex.tlb previously registered on your system.

We are currently looking into why the control need to have the type lib present on the system its run on. It is our understanding that information contained within a referenced type lib is compiled into the control, but in this situation it appears not to be the case. We will post further information as it becomes available.

Because of the current situation, we strongly recommend that this beta control (build v0.01.0061) not be distributed with any application.

Brad Martinez
14 May 1998
1998 Common Controls Replacement Project