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Designer: Brad Martinez
Tuesday, January 06, 2004


75k  (w/demo)

VB5 SP2/3

VB5 SP2/3 runtime

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FolderTreeview, VB6
FolderTreeview, VB5
BrowseDialog Server, VB6
BrowseDialog Server, VB5

Version 1.0 Released
September, 1997

The CCRP BrowseDialog control provides Visual Basic developers the means to easily utilize the Windows Browse for Folders dialog. For more full-featured versions, see the BrowseDialog Server for VB5 or BrowseDialog Server for VB6 pages.

Browse For Folders Dialog

The BrowseDialog control offers many features, including:

  • Any folder can be specified as the root, allowing only it and its subfolders appear in the dialog box.
  • The specified root folder, or any of one its subfolders, can be pre-selected when the dialog box is initially shown.
  • Descriptive text can be displayed in either of the dialog box's two prompt labels.
  • While the BrowseDialog is shown, the currently selected folder's path or "display name", or any other descriptive text, can be dynamically displayed in the second prompt window.
  • Provides the developer full control in determining what is an allowable folder selection.
  • Once the dialog box is closed by the user, various attributes of the selected folder can be returned, including the folder's path, display name and large or small icon.
  • Includes a fully functional example application demonstrating all available methods and properties, as well as a comprehensive help file.

And best of all, its free!

Please note: The Browse Dialog Server supersedes this control. Although the Browse Dialog OCX  will remain available for download, no further updates to the OCX will be made.

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