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Dear CCRP supporter,

It has probably not escaped your notice that work on CCRP has been floundering for some time.

What started as a simple pipe dream in 1997 evolved into an amazing group of people connected electronically working towards a common goal and enjoying doing it. The many thanks we received along the way were taken to heart and drove us to continue for several years right through to a VBITS presentation and VBPJ Editors Choice Merit Award both of which were a testament to the dedication of the group. But then came .NET...

The simple truth is that with .NET on the imminent horizon, the niche that we created for ourselves became increasingly hazy and the effort required to move over to the .NET platform is simply something that the members who have devoted some much time to the project in the past cannot find the time to do. Further, many of us have reservations about the .NET revolution and VB.NET in particular that has caused us to rethink our views on our language(s) of choice. Therefore, given the lack of clarity on how long any more work we do in VB6 would be used for and a resistance to move to VB.NET, we have found ourselves lacking direction waiting to see how .NET turns out and indeed whether there is any requirement for the full-functionally controls that we've previously provided in the new forms architecture. And at the same time, other opportunities emerged and the members felt that their time would be better served on those opportunities.

It is therefore the case that it is unlikely that any more development on CCRP controls will be done.  As such, support for existing controls may still be offered by some authors directly via email, as time permits. The CCRP support newsgroups have closed.

We will be leaving the CCRP website online with all previously-developed controls available for download, and we hope that these may continue to benefit the VB community as they have done in the past.

On a personal note, I will still be providing some limited support for my controls and DLLs and in some circumstances may make the source code available. Emails regarding this should be sent to with the header line starting CCRP, although replies may take some time.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us since the group's inception all those years ago. I think I speak on behalf of everyone in the group when I say that we had a great time working towards our goal and had Microsoft not decided on such a huge technology twist, perhaps we would have achieved that goal. But life is as it is and the group members have moved onto pastures new as the world heads towards the .NET revolution and whatever else might lie ahead.

A few particular words of thanks go to VBPJ - their award is still probably the pinnacle of CCRP's success (alongside having a Microsoft support engineer recommend that someone download one of our controls!), and to those companies who provided us with software that saved us hours of work - Numega, Videosoft, Blue Sky and Innovasys - please take the time to read about their products below - you might find that they can help you as they helped us.

And finally, I would like to add my personal heartfelt thanks to the CCRP members whose tens of thousands of hours of time was given voluntarily for the good of the community and who made the whole experience a pleasure to participate in. Felix for being the best web/news host you could ever wish to have as well as a veritable source of information any time we got stuck on anything non-VB!; Randy for so many hours put in developing, testing, commenting on and of course the entire website; Ramon for his wisdom as well as his wonderful development contributions, some of which unfortunately never made the public view; Domenico and Jon for keeping me company in holding up the European end of the team - Domenico's FileDialogs and Jon's DTP were some of the most popular controls we produced; Earl and Jonathan for the many hours they devoted to the cause; Dan for his contributions as the group headed towards .NET and the unknown; Ben for some fantastic code contributions and for his guiding advice for the group; Klaus for his effect on group moral as well as great code; Karl for just being Karl, awesome to the very end; and Brad, one of the few who've been with the group all along, who has probably devoted the most amount of time coding to produce some of the most amazing work I have had the pleasure of having seen in VB. Without any of these guys, CCRP life just wouldn't have been the same - to work with these guys in such difficult circumstances was to experience a sense of teamwork that defies description. To quote a (recent) song:

"Thank goodness for the good souls
That make life better
If it wasn't for the good souls
Life would not matter"

Good Souls, Starsailor.

We wish everyone all the very best for the future - good luck, good health and above all, peace. And thanks once again for your support.

Best wishes,

On behalf of the CCRP team

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