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The CoolTools provided on this page are offered for your convenience. They have been tested on various CCRP development platforms, and perform as advertised, but we can't promise all other systems will act similarly.


The System Imagelist Viewer. Extract and save any system icon, any format, any colour

Released December 8, 1998

Developed by Brad Martinez, the CCRP SysILVue CoolTool allows you to easily view and save to disk any single or combination of icons from the system shell icon cache or any associated file icon. Save to disk (.ico format) options include monochrome, 16 or 256 colour mode, and as either 16x16 or 32x32 pixel format, or both!  Requires VB5 (any version).

.zip version:
Filesize: 34k

CCRP FindAll
Search Add-in

Now find all instances of words across your entire project

Released June 12, 1998
Updated September 28, 1998

Developed by Jonathan De Vries, FindAll is a nify VB addin that will search your entire project for matching words or phrases. The search results are displayed in a list, not one at a time. Clicking the list item brings the appropriate code, module or class window to the front, highlighting the word. The FindAll utility installs an icon on the VB toolbar, is fully dockable within the IDE if desired, and offers pattern and case-sensitive matching. We're sure you'll find this tool as indispensable as we have.

The FindAll download contains a self-installing exe which will install the add-in. A readme file is also included telling you how to register it. Or download the CCRP Registration Utility above to easily register anything.

.zip version:
Filesize: 58k


Visually create a tabstop array for use in a Visual Basic list or text box

Released June 1, 1998
Updated November 19, 1999

If you use a list or textbox to display columnar data (vbTab), CoolTabs is for you. Now  visually set list (or text) tabstops without the usual trial and error required to determine the tabstop positions.

CoolTabs creates a designer listbox with the number of tabstops you select. A header (similar to a listview report-view header) provides the visual drag-to-set interface. Tabstops correspond to the header divisions...reposition a header, and the tabstops are recalculated for the layout. To accommodate the variation in controls you may require, CoolTabs offers these features:

  • new column alignment in the version 3 utility
  • full dynamic font support - change or preview (Apply) a font and the tabs are recalculated for that font
  • set either left or right tabstop alignment on secondary list items
  • insert or delete new columns at any point
  • resizing (widening) the CoolTabs window resizes the list and header
  • use default data, or enter a custom data string for precise alignment
  • the listbox itself can also be precisely sized by dragging the list edges. To activate/deactivate the sizing mode, use the list box context menu. Resize/reposition as needed, tne click anywhere outside the list or use the menu to toggle the sizing off.
  • tabstop code always updated on release of the header drag bars
  • listbox context menu for popular commands
  • header context menu for popular commands
  • restart or change the number of columns or text at any time
  • full ready-to-run code is generated for pasting into your application, with the option to include all required declares and constants, for either list or textbox, as well as declaring either Public, Private or Local (for contants). All you need to change is the name of the control to that in your application.

Both versions of the application require comctl32.dll 4.71 or greater. For more info, visit the VBnet site.

Version 2 for VB5 SP2/3     (19k)
Version 3 for VB6 SP 0/1/2   (28k)

CCRP VB Member Attribute Viewer

View and save a VB source file's member attributes

Released May 21, 1998

Developed by Brad Martinez, this is a small MDI app that views and saves a VB source file's member attributes. It was developed for internal use simply as an effort to get a hard copy of anything set via the Procedure Attributes dialog, since a procedure's info is lost if cut and pasted.  Its also handy for checking wording, spelling, and help IDs, or anything done in that dialog. The utility features:

  • drag & drop onto the program icon to launch the app & open the dropped file(s)
  • drag & drop onto the MDI parent workspace to open the file(s)
  • double click of the parent workspace launches the File Open dialog
  • each window can optionally display 'members only' or 'all' attributes
  • each window's listing can be output to a text file
.zip version:
Filesize: 15k

OCX/DLL RegSvr Context Menu

Add register/unregister commands for ocx files to your Explorer context menu

Released May 18, 1998

The OCX/DLL RegSvr Context Menu is a registration file which, when merged into your registry by double clicking or installing, adds 'Register' and 'Unregister' commands to the context menu displayed when right-clicking a ocx or dll file. This is a timesaver, removing the need to run regsvr32 from the command line to register controls and libraries. It is available as a zip and a reg file - the reg file version will install immediately if you specify 'Open" when downloading.

.zip version:
.reg version: ocxdllreg.reg
Filesize: 1k

OCX QuickView Context Menu

Add a QuickView command for ocx files to your Explorer context menu

Released May 18, 1998

The OCX QuickView tool is another registration file. This tool adds the QuickView context menu command to the popup menu for ocx files to launch the system viewer tool 'QuickView'. Available as both a zip and a reg file, the reg file version will install immediately if you specify 'Open" when downloading.

.zip version:
.reg version: ocxview.reg
Filesize: 1k

CCRP Registration Utility

Just point and register/unregister any server (dll or ocx) or type lib (tlb)

Released May 18, 1998
Updated: Version 1.20 - August 15, 1998

Developed by Brad Martinez, this is a new and improved version of the registration tool which made its debut in the FolderTreeview package. The CCRP Server Registration Utility offered here allows registering and unregistering of both COM Servers (dll, ocx) or Type Libraries (tlb) files selected through a File Open dialog, anywhere on the drive.

New to this release are two .inf files providing the ability to add (or remove) context menu support for the RegUtil when selecting an ocx, dll or tlb. This provides all RegUtil's functionality without launching the RegUtil application.

RegUtil requires the VB5 runtimes for Service Pack 2 or greater be installed.

.zip version:
Filesize: 11k

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