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CCRP General Development Policies
Tuesday, January 06, 2004


Development Policy for Non-Service Pack Visual Basic 5
15th March 1998
The CCRP Team
Copyright 1998-2004 Common Controls Replacement Project

Early in 1998, the CCRP conducted a survey of CCRP control users asking if continued development of non-service pack versions of the CCRP Controls was, in their opinion, warranted.

Through the month of the survey we received over seventy responses. In addition to responding to the question, many of you offered additional suggestions for controls or features you'd like to see incorporated into future releases. The CCRP thanks all for participating, and sharing your desires for an alternate set of common controls.

The results of the survey, given that service pack 2 had been released for some months, and service pack 3 was just out, was not altogether surprising. While 21 of you wanted to see continued efforts with non-service pack versions, mostly citing the reluctance to move to a service pack because of development in the corporate environment, nearly three times this number - 53 - had made the migration to either service pack 2 or service pack 3. Typical of the comments for the pro-service pack controls was the common feeling that the fixes offered in SP2, along with the need to maintain the most current and bug-free development environment, necessitated the migration to the service packs. Many also expressed that developers had an obligation to assure the development environment was up-to-date.

The CCRP team have reviewed the results and sentiments expressed, and while not an easy decision, with much discussion and debating amongst its members, have arrived at the following policy regarding non-service pack development, effective immediately.

Future controls developed by the CCRP will make use of the latest Microsoft service packs for the development environment, and non-service pack controls will no longer be developed. Existing non-service pack controls presently available will remain on the download list, however they will not be updated, and enhancements offered in later versions of the controls will require that a service pack be installed on the developing machine.

To assist you in determining whether or not you should upgrade to the latest service packs, we have provided links to additional resource pages on the sidebar.

Once again, the team thanks everyone who took part in the survey. We encourage those who have not yet upgraded to SP3 to read the service pack information, in order to make an informed decision.