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CCRP General Development Policies
Tuesday, January 06, 2004


CCRP Naming and Versioning Policy for VB5/VB6 Controls and Servers
20th November 1998
Updated 20th April 1999
The CCRP Team
Copyright 1998-2004 Common Controls Replacement Project

Filename Differences

In an attempt to reduce confusion between Visual Basic 5-dependant controls and newer Visual Basic 6-dependant controls now being released by the CCRP, the following describes our new versioning and naming policy for all released controls and libraries, effective November 20, 1998.

Since the CCRP began control development with the introduction of Visual Basic 5, our past controls targeted for the VB5 development environment, requiring the VB5 runtimes installed on the client system, have always used the same filename and been distinguished only by the version stamp in the controls properties accessed through Explorer. In preparation for providing VB6-compiled versions of our controls and libraries to developers, it has been decided that all VB-6 compiled control files will have a '6' appended to the control name. Thus, the CCRP Timer Objects control will become:

ccrpTmr.dll - VB5 version
ccrpTmr6.dll - VB6 version

This naming convention will allow us to continually upgrade the control's internal version number as features are added or issues resolved (2.0, 2.1, 2.2 etc.), yet keep the same filename reflecting the development/runtime requirements. Thus, when our controls are again compiled after the release of VB7, the control's name will again reflect the build:

ccrpTmr.dll - VB5 version
ccrpTmr6.dll - VB6 version
ccrpTmr7.dll - future VB7 version, etc

Once the migration to a newer runtime version of the control has been made, the decision to provide feature or issue upgrades to previous versions of controls will rest with the control developer. Any VB6-based controls already released with a zip file named "" will be changed in the next week to adopt this convention.

Finally, in addition to the changes above for existing releases, future new controls destined for the VB5 platform will sport the VB version as part of its control name as well, ie:

ccrpbds5.dll - VB5 version
ccrpbds6.dll - VB6 version

Versioning Differences

In addition, to reduce confusion regarding enhancement differences between the VB5 and VB6 builds, the temporary policy we had adopted of versioning the VB6 controls as version, while its corresponding VB5 control with identical features and fixes was versioned as, has stopped.  Beginnging with releases from this date, versioning will more accurately reflect the difference between controls across development environments. 

Thus a v1.03.002 VB6 build will provide features and fixes not present in either the VB6 or VB5  v1.03.001 build. This should provide a clearer indication of the latest versions, where in the past a VB6 version stamped v2.03.001 would have appeared to be a more advanced version than the VB5 build, wherein they were identical.

This change may mean, however, that your setups need to be regenerated after registering the latest download, to assure dependancy information correctly reflects the version of the control you are supplying to clients.

The CCRP Team.