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CCRP General Development Policies
Tuesday, January 06, 2004
Licensing and Distribution

Distribution of Source Code


CCRP Licensing and Distribution FAQ
09 July 1998
The CCRP Team
Copyright 1998-2004 Common Controls Replacement Project


This is a plain-talk page with the most frequently asked questions about our licensing and distribution policy

I am writing an application I plan to sell. Am I still allowed to use your controls at no cost?
Yes.  All CCRP are provided without charge to the development community, and any CCRP control can be used as part of a program you are selling. No royalties are due or expected by the CCRP.

Do I keep all rights to my application (I do not ship the source code)?
Yes. While the CCRP owns and retains all rights to our source code that created our controls, you always own the source code for your program that used them. Therefore you retain all rights to the program being distributed or sold.

Does the above apply if I provide my application source code as well?

Must I include credit to the CCRP or the developers?
No. While, within the development community, it is considered standard courtesy to credit outside assistance, the CCRP does not insist that credit be paid to either the group or any individual developer. You are free to use your own judgement.

Can I include the CCRP zip files as part of a shareware CD I plan to sell?
No. CCRP controls are free, and, unless express permission is provided by the CCRP in writing, you may NOT include our control zip files with any product you are selling.

Can I put CCRP control zips on my web site for others to download?
No.  In fact, this is strongly discouraged. All CCRP controls are constantly revised with updated versions posted frequently. By placing the actual zip files on your site, you in fact may not be providing a service to your visitors. We would kindly recommend that a link to our site at be added instead to assure your visitors receive the latest controls.

I want to add link to your Download page. Can I?
Once again, this is strongly discouraged. The CCRP site provides important release data on each control's information page. By providing only a link to the download page, your visitors may miss crucial information. 

I want to customize a control. Is the source code available?
No. For more information, please read the Policy on Distribution of Source Code.