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CCRP General Development FAQ
Tuesday, January 06, 2004


FAQ: comctl32.dll versions
25th February 1998
The CCRP Team
Copyright 1998-2004 Common Controls Replacement Project


Microsoft frequently provides updates to comctl32.dll. These updates add new features to the controls found in comctl32.dll. At the time of writing, there are four versions of comctl32.dll available:

  • version 4.00 - Installed by Windows 95
  • version 4.70 - Installed by Internet Explorer 3
  • version 4.71 - Installed by Internet Explorer 4
  • version 4.72 - A version released after Internet Explorer 4 which, for the first time, is redistributable.

Each CCRP control implements a ComCtlVer property that returns the version of comctl32.dll installed on the computer.

Obtaining the comctl32.dll Redistributable Update
In order to redistribute version 4.72 of comctl32.dll, you must download a self-extracting EXE from Microsoft's web site.

Version-specific features
Certain features implemented in our controls require a minimum version of comctl32.dll to function correctly. No error will occur if the version is previous to this but the control will degrade gracefully and not use that feature or there may be alternative functionality built into the control that emulates the functionality in higher versions of comctl32.dll and this functionality is used as appropriate.

The following lists the properties that are require a minimum version of comctl32.dll to function correctly:

Animation Control

  • The TimerType property requires version 4.70 of comctl32.dll
  • The OpenAVIResource, OpenAVIResourceFromDLL and OpenStandardAVIResource work best under version 4.71 or higher. If a version lower than 4.70 is present then the control will still load an AVI resource but there is some additional overhead when opening the AVI resource. It is therefore recommended that if you wish to use the AVI resource functionality of the control, you install the redistributable update to comctl32.dll on machines on which your application is being used.

Progress Bar Control

  • The Smooth and Vertical properties require version 4.70 of comctl32.dll.
  • The BackColor and FillColor properties require version 4.71 of comctl32.dll.
  • The Max, Min and Value properties all now support the full 32-bit integer range but version 4.70 of comctl32.dll is required for this to be supported. However, if this version of comctl32.dll is not present, the control will emulate the full 32-bit range.
  • You can emulate the functionality of the FillColor property using graphical mode with an appropriate image if you wish.