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CCRP BrowseDialog Server Beta 0.01.0015
Tuesday, January 06, 2004
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Important Information

The initial releases of both CCRP BrowseDialog Servers for VB5 and VB6 have been recalled.

Inadvertently compiled into the initial releases of those files (v 0.01.0015) was code in the class module's Instancing property incorrectly set to GlobalMutliUse. This error resulted in problems with VBA's Left() function.

Specifically, after installing either BrowseDialog Server v 0.01.0015, calling the Left() string function in you application will fail. To use the function the VBA library would need to be explicitly referenced throughout your application - i.e.  myString = VBA.Left(string, chrs).

Fortunately, this problem has been resolved in the .0016 build of the BrowseDialog servers available here.In the new build, the server property settings have been changed and both VB5 and VB6 versions of the BrowseDialog Servers have been recompiled. Unfortunately, fixing this issue broke the server's binary compatibility.

May 2000 Notice. Beta 1 is no longer available. the links below will download the new Beta 2 version.

Therefore, those users who downloaded version 0.01.0015 of either the VB5 or VB6 builds between January 28 and February 2 are strongly urged to complete the following procedure:

  • Remove the library from any project's References dialog.
  • Unregister the server(s) using RegEdit or the CCRP Registration Utility. Only version 0.01.0015 of the CCRP BrowseDialog Servers are affected (ccrpbdsX.dll, where "X" is "5" or "6").
  • Delete those DLLs, and their corresponding zip files.
  • Use RegEdit, or the CCRP Registration Utility, to register the new DLL in those files.

The CCRP regrets the inconvenience to v0.01.0015 users.

New users who have not downloaded a previous BrowseDialog Server zip can simply download the BrowseDialog zip files from the links above without worry.

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