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Designer: Klaus Probst (current beta release by Ben Baird (Alumni))
Tuesday, January 06, 2004
Beta 1


Download: 128k (w/demo and help)

VB5 SP2/3

VB5 SP2/3 runtime

VB5 Release - Beta 1
February 12, 1999

The CCRP StatusBar Control, Beta 1, is now available. The new CCRP StatusBar allows the developer to easily access the StatusBar included within comctl32.dll without using comctl32.ocx. Providing many features over and above the MS Comctl version, the CCRP StatusBar is sure to find a permanent home in your toolbox.

The Beta version of the control is available in a VB5-SP2/3 compile. The version 6 build will be made available once the control moves out of beta, and issues raised by users are addressed.

CCRP StatusBar Demo (36704 bytes)


Developed by Ben Baird (beta 1), the features provided include:

  • PanelClick and PanelDblClick events for detecting mouse actions from the user.
  • Picture, ForeColor, BackColor, and Font properties for each panel in the StatusBar.
  • Provide a ToolTip for each StatusBar panel.
  • MenuHelp support.
  • Choice of many different styles of panes to display, such as:
  • Normal Text
  • Caps Lock State
  • Num Lock State
  • Insert State
  • Scroll Lock State
  • Current Time
  • Current Date
  • Kana
  • Progress Bar Style

VB Common Controls Replacement Project StatusBar Control
Copyright (C) 1998-1999 Ben Baird
Copyright (C) 1999 Klaus Probst CCRP