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Designer: Earl Damron (Alumni)
Tuesday, January 06, 2004
Beta 1, v0.01.0023


Download: 81k (w/demo and help)

VB5 SP2/3

VB5 SP2/3 runtime


Beta 1 v0.01.0023
March 99

Beta 1 - March 99

The CCRP Slider control offers many features not found in the standard Slider common control. Lightweight, at only 125k, the CCRP slider is an ideal replacement for the MS-provided slider where ease of distribution and enhanced features are desired.

CCRP Slider Control Demo (5169 bytes)

Presently, until we receive our initial feedback from this Beta build, the control is available only for VB5 SP2/3. However, the control will function within a VB6 application when the VB5 SP2/SP3 runtime is present.

Features of the CCRP Slider include:

  • BackColor – just like most other controls, allows the developer to change the "battle-ship" gray background color of the slider.
  • AutoColor – when True, keeps the background color of the slider the same as the background color of it’s parent.
  • BorderStyle – unlike the normal slider, allows the developer to give the slider a sunken 3d look.
  • NoThumb – just in case you would want to, allows the developer show a slider without the thumb (use you imagination on this one).
  • ThumbLength – finally, you have control over the size of the slider thumb size, allowing you to use the slider in unique applications requiring custom sizes, like touch-screen applications.
  • TickStyle property - display the ticks above or below the thumb, or both.
  • AutoSizeThumb - scales the thumb when the control size changes
  • Orientation - either horizontal or vertical
  • SelectRange, SelStart, SelLength properties - provide a means to indicate a critical range within the control.
  • Drag-Drop support - drop a value onto the slider to set its value

New in This Release (0.01.0023)

  • SelectRange property corrected to retain values between visibility settings.
  • Demo updated to demonstrate features.

Service Pack Issues
This control uses the apartment threading features found in VB5 SP2 and will not function without VB5 SP2 or higher installed.

Corrections to the Help File
The help file provided with this control was written for our internal beta.  Since then, there have been a couple of changes. An updated help file will replace this pre-beta help when the control moves into Version 1. Please note that references to our old web site in the file should now point to our present site at

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