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Designer: Brad Martinez
Tuesday, January 06, 2004

The Demos
Both the FolderTreeview (FTV) for VB6 and for VB5 include six application demos to show the functionality and versatility of the control, as well as a HTML page showing the FTV in action as an active IE web page control (similar to the Web Demo link above).

FileListBox Demo
Simple example of how the FolderTreeview control can be used with VB's DriveListBox and FileListBox to display files based on the selected folder.

ftvfiles.gif (10232 bytes)


WebBrowser Demo (IE4)
The WebBrowser Demo for IE4 creates an explorer view using the FTV control and the WebBrowser control. Items listed in the WebBrowser provide full context menu support, just like the listview in Explorer.

Included FolderTreeview WebBrowser IE4 Demo


Events Demo
The Events Demo shows the events generated as the user interacts with the FolderTreeview's contents.  This provides both insight into the inner workings of the control, and a practical means to determine whether a particular functionality can be exploited.

Included FolderTreeview Events Demo


Properties Demo
The Properties project demo shows the FolderTreeview's extensive properties, how to set set and retrieve them in code, and the returned values from the control.

ftvproperties.gif (30647 bytes)


CheckboxReplace Demo
Demonstrates implementing a resource (.res) file in your application to provide custom state images for the FolderTreeview.

ftvchecks.gif (15925 bytes)


Stress Demo
In "FTV Mode", this demo puts the FolderTreeview through its paces by programmatically counting and expanding all nodes and child nodes in the FTV. For comparison of performance, when placed in "Explorer mode", the app launches an instance of Explorer and procedes to programatically expand and count all its nodes and child nodes.

ftvstress.gif (14054 bytes)


Common Folder
In the common directory is a form providing a possible implementation of the FolderTreeview demonstrating how to completely duplicate the functionality and appearance of the standard Windows "Browse For Folders" dialog box, as well as a splitters class.

FolderTreeview pretending to be a Browse Dialog

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