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Designer: Domenico Statuto
Tuesday, January 06, 2004
Version 3.00.0005


Control (OCX)

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VB5 SP2/3

VB5 SP2/3 runtime

Version 3.00.0005
September 2, 1998

Version 3.00.0003
August 25, 1998

Beta 2 build 2.2.7
January 1998

Beta 2 Released
January 1998

Beta 1 Released
September 1997

The long-awaited Version 3.00.0005* (Public Release Version 1) of CCRP FileDialog Control is here!

Built entirely around the Common Dialog APIs, the CCRP Extended FileDialog Control Version 3* provides a significant performance boost over the beta versions due to code optimising. Fully configurable as a custom File Open or File Save dialog, now your application has full control over the dialog's attributes. Add custom captions, reorganize the controls, and/or add your own to create a distinct file dialog.

* This control, Public Release Version 1, has been named Version 3 to avoid confusion over the Betas released as 1 and 2.

CCRP Extended FileDialog Control (27850 bytes)

(illustration's text blocked due to reducing image size)

And this is the CCRP Extended FileDialog Control  too! (26181 bytes)

Yes, this is the CCRP FileDialog Control. Full Sample source developed by Mark Grimes is included.

The CCRP Extended FileDialog Control offers many features not found in the standard FileOpen and FileSave common controls provided as part of Visual Basic, including:

  • User definable startup position.
  • User definable size of the dialog.
  • Events raised to notify the following actions:
  • The user cancelled the dialog (no more error checking for when the user presses the Cancel button);
  • The dialog is about to be destroyed;
  • The dialog has been initiated and is about to be displayed;
  • The user browses a file (good for implementing a preview window);
  • The user has selected one or more files (Ok button pressed);
  • The user has navigated from a folder to another folder;
  • The user has changed the type of the files displayed.
  • A FileNames collection holding all the filenames selected (in a multiple selection ccrpFileDialog).
  • A method that allows the programmer to add one or more VB controls onto the ccrpFileDialog.
  • A CommDlgHwnd property to return the Window handle of the common dialog displayed, for numerous uses, including callbacks.
  • Ability to specify the form to which the ccrpFileDialog is modal (not only the form the ccrpFileDialog is sited on but any loaded form the programmer chooses to assign).
  • Dialog control ID's exposed to allow modifying the size, caption, position, and visibility of any of the internal controls of the common dialog.
  • Built-in constants for flags, help, internal controls, startup position.

And there are new features and improvements in Version 3

  • Separate constants for the hidden listbox and for the listview.
  • Messages allowed to be fired in the underlying windows (MDI not processing messages)
  • AddControl bug fixed.
  • Properties added: CancelButtonCaption, OkButtonCaption, DefaultExt.
  • Multiple filenames character buffer bug fixed.
  • TypeFileComboText now allows 10,000 characters.

Version Upgrade Info

Version 3.00.0005
September 02, 1998

  • Corrected problem preventing correct return of multiple file selections

Past Release History

April 17, 1998

  • Corrected problem preventing the processing of messages of the form 'owner' of the FileDialog.

Beta 2, January 1998

  • Property CanRaiseEvents changed name.
  • DialogHeight - DialogWidth properties now on the Position Property page.
  • Built-in constants introduced.
  • Problem in the CenterOwner value of the StartupPosition property fixed.
  • A FileNames collection implemented. Returns in a collection all the filenames selected in a MultiSelect ccrpFileDialog.
  • FlatToolbar property added.
  • Instancing bug fixed.

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Copyright 1999-2000 Domenico Statuto, CCRP