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Designer: Jeremy Adams
Tuesday, January 06, 2004
Beta 3 v.


87k (w/demo and help **)

VB6 SP0/1/2/3

VB6 runtime


Beta 3 v.
October 20, 2000

Beta 2 v.
May 18, 2000

Beta 2  release
November 15, 1998

Beta 1 release
August 30, 1998

The CCRP DateTime Picker (DTP) Control allows the developer to easily access the DateTime Picker included within comctl32.dll, but omitted from comctl32.ocx. The control was created by Jon Evans, a member of the VB Common Controls Replacement Project, a group aiming to provide separate ActiveX controls to replace and extend the Visual Basic common control ocx files.

CCRP DateTimePicker Control (5169 bytes)


  • The CCRP DateTime Picker control is based on the new CCRP UserControl Child Window Helper DLL (ccrpUCW6.dll version 0.03.0067) and is required in order to use the OCX. The Helper DLL is included in the download zip, and should be registered on the system before registering the ccrpdtp6.ocx control.
  • The CCRP UserControl Child Window Helper DLL provides the common core functionality for the control, and is forming the basis for controls in development. Consequently this DLL forms part of the control, and must therefore be distributed and installed on the client machines along with the ocx.


  • Choose the date and/or time format displayed - system short, system long or custom
  • Set a range of valid dates
  • Have a checkbox to enable the dtp (useful for "This date doesn't apply in this case")
  • Change the UI from a drop-down style to an up/down style
  • Show or hide week numbers on the calendar
  • Show more than one month in the drop-down (up to a whole year)
  • Show or hide the "today" text on the calendar and set which date is considered "today"
  • All mouse events supported
  • OLE drag and drop supported
  • FirstDayOfWeek property - controls which day appears in the leftmost column of
    the drop-down portion of the control
  • UncheckBehaviour property - controls how the control displays when the user unchecks the checkbox. Default is to grey out the date. Use dtpBlankDate to blank out the date.
  • GetChecked property  - Previously returned a cached value. Now it asks the underlying control for the Checked status.

New in the Beta 2 Release

  • Fixed internationalization bug. Control now works properly no matter what your date format is.
  • New property DropDownAlignment. Controls the alignment of the drop-down portion of the control.
  • Fixed some bugs that caused the control to redraw itself three times(!) before initially appearing. Also the size of the control was off by 2 pixels in the x and y direction. If you put the fixed control next to a ComboBox of the same size you will see that they are indeed the same size exactly.
  • New validation possibilities in Change event.  In the "Change(NewValue As Date)" event, the Value of the control remains set to the previous date, before the user selected the new date. The NewValue variable is set to the date the user just clicked on. After the event has finished the control is set to the value of NewValue.
  • Fixed more focus problems. If you click the control to give it the focus, the arrow keys now work properly to change the values in the control. Just noticed that there are still some circumstances where this doesn't work, I'm continuing to look into it.
  • Worked round possible MS bug. An apparent bug in the MS control where the control sends two notifications when the user changes the value of the control. This caused the Change() event to be raised twice.
  • Fixed Value=Null problem.  Value=Null means uncheck the checkbox if it's displayed. If UncheckBehaviour=dtpBlankDate then the date is supposed to be blanked, which wasn't happening. This is now fixed.
  • Min/Max bug squashed. You can now set Min and Max in design time.
  • New property ComCtlVerFull. Returns ComCtlVer as string in format xx.yy.zzzz
  • Fixed Locked bug. When control was locked, you could type new numbers in but the control would reject them. Now, the control throws away your keypresses instead.

VB Common Controls Replacement Project Date/Time Picket Control
Copyright (C) 1998-2004 Jon Evans, Jeremy Adams